That’s me, Edita. The picture is a 2009 edition which will probably never be updated. One does not grow any prettier with age….

I am married to Michael and have two sons; Julian and Justin. Julian in turn has two children Sasha and Archie; so, yes, I am also a grandmother. They call me “Oma” sounds better than “grannie”. But enough of that.

In this website I want to talk about my three principal interests and activities in life: Helping poor, gifted (and sometimes not so gifted) students through school and diploma courses. For this I put into good use my second passion: OPERA. I have established “Opera for School fees”. I lecture on opera and organize concerts and Live operas to raise funds to pay for school fees. See posters and excerpt of my operas by clicking the OPERATION CLASSICS button

My other passion and activity is painting. When I start I cannot stop. I have ideas after ideas….sometimes I cannot paint fast enough, and certainly I cannot sell fast enough! This is another reason for setting up this website.