Success Stories

Kelvin Njogou

Kelvin Njogou has started his final year last September and is expected to graduate in clinical medicine and surgery by November 2018. Throughout this three year course he has been a model student obtaining top grades, in spite of working as a laborer during holidays to contribute in a small way towards his education. Thanks to the Golf Charity Trust generosity his fees are paid up to the end of the course and he will have the luxury of spending this last holyday to study for even better final results. This is even more important now as he has been advised by the board that he would easily qualify to continue his training specializing in gynecology. This will give him a wider chance and opportunity for employment in hospitals with the ultimate goal to open his own clinic in the village, where now there is no medical assistance of any sort.



Judy Kariuki ‘s success story:

My success story dates back to the end of the year 2002, the third year after I had cleared my primary school studies and I was loosing all hope of ever finding myself in a secondary school, coming from a very poor family background and having given up on seeking for help after I had knocked on endless doors. This is when I met Mrs. Camm who was introduced to me by a relative, and she offered to help pay my school fees for my secondary education, and we embarked on looking for a suitable school.

I enrolled in form-one the following year, and I did very well in school always being at the top of my class year after year, she later introduced me to the Karen Street Children Trust and in 2006 I cleared my high school education.

Never in my life had I ever dreamt of being in a university but after successfully clearing my secondary school studies and managed to get a grade B plain, the following year I was enrolled in the Kenya Methodist University where I pursued a diploma in Clinical Medicine and I graduated in the year 2010.

Shortly after I was lucky to be employed in a camp in Masai Mara as a clinical officer where I am working to date, although I am planning to go back and clear my year of internship that will help me obtain a license and be in a position to pursue my education to higher levels.

I am very thankful to Mrs. Camm who saw the potential in me and stretched her helping hand that has seen me this far with a smile on my face and a hope for the future.


Evelyne Ouma’s success story
My story dates back to May 2006 when I was a first year at Kabete Technical Training College and I lost my father. His death left a huge gap in my life and even helplessness on how I could carry on my studies as he had played a significant role in my  life with his Jua Kali Job. I note how hard it had been to pull through high school being sent home every now and then and always trying to get the constituency bursaries which were hard enough.
One day in May 2006, my elder sister Beatrice as she was  carrying on her sales job at Karen Shopping Centre approached one of her clients Mrs. Edita  Camm and explained what  my family was  going through and my need for school fees.  Edita requested to see my previous results and she undertook to pay my outstanding fee on condition that I always perform well in class. To her performance is key.
In 2008 I did complete my 3 years diploma course in Banking & Finance after sitting for Kenya National Examinational Council in November.  In March 2009, my results were out and thank God I had passed.
Once again I did approach Mrs. Camm with my CV and testimonials and she embarked on sending the same to her friends trying to find me a job. During this period she also gave me pocket money to assist in transport and miscellaneous expenses as I searched for a job.
It was on 14.05.2009, a day that I shall never forget, at around 11:30 am.  I was in a matatu going to Westland where I used to partly do some sales job when I received a call from a strange number 0711068. 
The call was from CfC Stanbic Bank for an interview the following day.  I successfully did the interview and joined the bank as intern for six months after which I was given a contract with the bank.
During this time Mrs. Camm continued encouraging me to work hard as this was the only way I could be confirmed. True to her word; I was confirmed on 1st July 2010 as Customer Care Consultant a position that I hold to date.
I never believed in my life I could get to work with such a big organization given my family background.
I am diploma holder and currently planning to pursue a degree course.
I take this opportunity to humbly and sincerely give all the thanks to this Big hearted Lady Edita Camm who has made me become who am I today in life. May our Almighty GOD increase your territory.

With Kind Regards,
Evelyne Ouma.

John Kikwai’s success story

My success story dates back in 2005 when i had just finished secondary school and had passed well and needed to go to college and do something that would help me in future. Life then was very harsh and hostile, I am the eldest in the family of five and my dad was too old to do a job that could take us a step further from where we were. But I also thank my father to have introduced me to one great woman called Mrs. Camm Edita whom I met and told her about my miserable life and how much quest I had for education. Through GOD in her, she accepted to take me through a course in the University which i never thought I would one day step in one. I was so happy that she enrolled me in Mount Kenya University, one of the best private university where I pursued a Diploma course in Hotel and Catering Management for two and half years and I graduated later with a Diploma. Mrs. Camm never got tired of sacrificing herself for my benefit, she kept searching for a job for me through friends and through her hard work, she introduced me to Nairobi Serena Hotel through Jan Mohammed, the managing director of Serena Hotels where I worked as a trainee for three months and later got a casual job. I worked as a casual for less than a year. Then, Serena was opening a new Camp called Lake Elementeita Serena Luxury Camp in Naivasha near Gilgil on the way to Nakuru, where I was moved from Nairobi to come and work here as a permanent staff. I am now comfortable and working hard and now I am paying fees for one of my brothers Gilbert in secondary school. I really thank her for all that she has done for me. I call her great Mum. She deserves the Best. I love her so so much.

Timothy Karanja – My success Story

My success story began in 2010 when I met Mrs. Edita Camm through my relative who knew about Edita’s sponsorship program.
It was my third year after clearing secondary school with a grade that would have enabled me to enroll for a degree or diploma course .
During these three years I was working as a casual laborer, but at the same time had applied for admission at Kenya Medical training college and was accepted out of 10,000 applicants, although I had no money to accept the offer, till I met Edita Camm. She sponsored me throughout the course
The course I chose was a three year dentistry diploma course which I completed in 2013.
I October of the same year I did a period of internship in the Mbagathi District Hospital.
Thank you for your kind and passionate heart madam. You put a smile on our face and hearts.
Right now I am saving to enroll to obtain a degree.
Thank you so much Mrs. Edita Camm
Timothy K Karanja

Max Mbugua

I am Maxwell Mbugua – MAX. It was back in 2011 when I first wrote to Edita Camm requesting for her sponsorship program. Later in my first encounter with her on 7th January 2012, she offered me full sponsorship and it was dream come true as a first time University generation student in my family.

I joined Chuka University (September 2012-November 2016) as an Arts and Humanities student and earned a Bachelor degree in Criminology and Security Studies with an option in Security Management and Criminal Investigation.

I attribute my success to the resources, support and inspiration provided by Edita Camm. The four year Edita’s sponsorship program has taught me that success does not happen overnight. Working during the holidays with horses at Kings-Cliff in Nairobi and Wild Olive Farm in Gilgil kept me busy and always ready to learn. This was all under her influence and I did not lack something extra to keep me busy during holidays.

Currently I am working as a Communication Professional at Warrior Insight an independent subsidiary of Warrior Security International and one of the fast growing and leading Risk Management Company in Kenya.

I thought I was hopeless until Edita walked in my life… It’s amazing how two words that mean so much can seem so little. If I could show you how much your presence in my life means to me, the simple phrase of ‘thank you’ would pale and diminish in the sheer enormity of the gratitude I owe.