I started  opera lectures to raise money for charity in May 2002. During the first year I handed over all the proceeds I raised to an orphanage in Karen and to “Karen Street Children Trust”. In 2003 I started progressively sponsoring students directly. Starting from 2004 and several years afterwards, I received a considerable donation from my cousin Rosmary Pescosta in Italy with which was enough to sponsor 10 Masaai “rescue girls” at the A.I.C primary school in Kajado. Some friends, relatives and one company (Canning) later sponsored some of the students. I fund the rest by – in addition to opera lectures – organizing live classical concerts and operas in Kenya. In 2015 I have completed the 5th opera “The Magic Flute” see more about my operas by clicking the opera

See list of sponsored students


I remember drawing the portrait of everybody around me since early childhood. In primary school I became my art teacher’s favorite student and she often gave me private lessons. Although I have followed several irregular art courses and workshops over the years, I consider myself largely a self taught artist. Portrait painting is my skill; therefore I work mostly on commissions. For this reason I have not had the opportunity nor the need to hold many exhibitions.